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For the month of March, we’re sharing stories of Irish luck or coincidence – however you wish to justify life’s crazy moments. The below story came from an employee at Gerry Lane Chevrolet. The events within the story are true but a few exaggerations were added for dramatic effect.

It was your typical rental car – washed exterior with a cleaner-scented interior. An old pine-scented air freshener dangled from the rearview mirror as the driver focused on the traffic ahead; she was confident she would reach the Dallas airport in time.

The highway was congested but with fast moving traffic. No horns. Only the sound of passing cars permeated through the rental car’s exterior shell; the highway noise blended with top country hits as the driver watched the lane to the left of her.

The lane opened up; she flipped the left turn signal and pressed the gas pedal. The car slowed – powerless. The car coasted to the side of the road; it came to a stop right behind another parked car where a gentleman (think Pleasantville film) stood inspecting his car’s rear tires.

The gentleman glanced over at the rental car as the driver stepped out onto pavement. As the driver approached the gentleman, she broke the awkward silence with a question. “Something is wrong with your car too?”

“I thought there was. I heard a banging so I stopped, but everything seems to be fine.” The gentleman looked beyond the driver, at the rental car. “What’s wrong with yours?”

The driver shrugged. “I don’t know. The gas pedal isn’t working.”

“Bummer. I don’t think I can help with that.”

Movement in the gentleman’s car grabbed the driver’s attention. The gentleman’s wife and two kids were staring with curious expressions.

The driver checked her watch and scratched the back of her head as she contemplated her current state. “I hate to ask this, but you wouldn’t be going near the airport, would you?”

The Gentleman stared at the driver for a moment. He smiled, then replied, “Get in.”

The driver climbed into the gentleman’s car, joining the gentleman’s wife and two kids. A little passenger rearranging was required, but room was made. They all drove to the airport together with no problems, and the driver beat her business partner to the airport.

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