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Weather can be destructive to homes, cars and life’s conveniences – especially when we’re talking about hurricanes. If a hurricane is headed your way, it’s always good to check with your insurance company and see what your plan covers. It’s also a good idea to take pictures before the storm for your records. Once these two things are done, prepare for the coming storm with the below steps.

1. Hurricane Prep
Store registration info in a safe place – a fireproof and waterproof lock box. With the potential of flooding and other issues during hurricanes, you want to make sure you keep your important documents safe so if weather damage does occur to your vehicle you can act fast.

2. Check and replenish all fluids
Fill gas tank and any reserve canisters to full capacity. Doing so will help ensure you will have enough fuel to get by if there are fuel shortages after the storm.

3. Emergency kit
Your emergency kit should have more than just first aid materials. You should have food, water, batteries, flares and more.

4. Add masking tape on windows
Masking tape will make it easier to clean up should a broken window occur. It’s simple enough to put on and take off too if there ends up being no damage to the window.

5. Keep your vehicle under shelter
If you have a safe place to store your vehicle, store it. Any extra protection always helps.

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