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These days, most of us get the majority of our information online. Whether we’re shopping for new shoes or a new car, our search usually begins with our favorite search engine. Have you recently typed in “Chevy dealership near me?” You might want to look at more than its location before you choose where to purchase your vehicle.

“Where’s a Chevy dealership near me?”

It might seem like the easiest way to pick a dealership is its location. But just like your favorite burger place is worth the drive, you should find the right dealership for you. Take into account its reputation, its customer service, and place in the community. Having a Chevrolet MEANS something. Shouldn’t your interaction with your Chevrolet dealership mean something too?

Local Means Being A Part Of The Community

To be honest, you have a choice of Chevy dealerships in Baton Rouge. The Chevrolet brand epitomizes American work ethic, gumption, and ruggedness. It turns out, Gerry Lane Chevrolet does too. Our eponymous founder came to Louisiana more than thirty years ago. Since then, this family of family-run dealerships has grown into a true Baton Rouge presence. The Lane family still operates all Gerry Lane dealerships-three generations are now involved! And our community involvement is just as important to us as our bottom line.

Exceptional Customer Service

We strive to make your car-buying experience enjoyable. Whether it’s the first vehicle you’ve bought on your own, or it’s the sixth pickup truck your hard-working life needs, our goal is to put you behind the wheel of the vehicle that is right for you. Also, at Gerry Lane, customer service doesn’t end when you drive off the lot with your new car. We offer free oil changes to ensure your vehicle’s longevity.

Exceptional Vehicle Maintenance

Over the lifetime of your vehicle, when you’re in need of maintenance or service, we’re here for you too. Our mechanics and parts are certified to meet Chevrolet’s high standard. You can trust your Chevy will maintain its quality, dependability, and performance. Our independent Collision Center and on-site rental cars further streamline your repair process. We’ll even bring you to work if your car has to stay with us for a bit!

Your Chevy Dealership

We are honored to be a part of this community and a part of our customers’ lives. A dealership shouldn’t just be a place where you buy a car. It can be a lifelong relationship, even one lasting for generations. Contact us or give our sales department a call at (225) 910-6910. You can also stop by our dealership on Florida Boulevard between Lobdell Boulevard and Foster Drive. We actually might be the closest dealership to you! We’d love to have you join the Gerry Lane family.

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