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It’s summer. Warm weather is upon us, drawing us outside to play and explore. More cars, motorcycles, mopeds and bikes fill the road; more people fill the sidewalks, parks and beaches. While many of us work and play during all seasons, summer commands the biggest number of fans. With the summer rays coming in strong and vacations being booked, Gerry Lane Chevrolet would like to touch on three summer driving tips to keep in mind.

#1 Check Your A/C

A/C helps everyone keep their cool in the summer, so it’s good practice to get the A/C unit in your vehicle checked before a long road trip. If you notice any odd fan noises or you notice it just isn’t blowing out as cold of air as it used to, get it checked.

#2 Check Your Tires

Worn tires can blow out in the summer. The heat of summer causes the air in your vehicle’s tires to expand more than any other season. You don’t want to have to change a tire on the side of the road in extreme heat.

#3 Don’t Forget Your Shades & Water Bottle

Sunglasses are more important than a fashion statement. They help you protect your eyes and improve your visibility when driving into bright sunlight. Keeping a spare pair in your car will ensure you always have some available. As for the water bottle, that’s just to keep you hydrated in the summer heat.

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