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Discover the massive range of used trucks available at our Baton Rouge dealership. We have quality preloved pickups from Chevrolet and other leading automotive brands at competitive prices. Our selection of used trucks is sure to impress.

Why Buy Used?

Buying a new truck may seem like the logical solution for anyone in need of a new set of wheels, but there are many reasons why buying a used pickup can be a better choice. These are some of the reasons why many people prefer buying used trucks:

  • Cheaper prices: While the average new pickup costs more than $59,000, the average used pickup costs just $37,863.
  • No extra charges: Used trucks don’t incur extra charges that add to the sticker price of new vehicles, such as destination fees, dealer preparation costs, and shipping fees.
  • More options: The number of new trucks released each year is relatively limited compared to the number of used trucks available.
  • More informed choices: Used trucks have been extensively tested over several years, allowing motorists to make a more informed choice than they can with new models.
  • Lower insurance and registration costs: Insurance companies and state departments usually charge people who own used trucks less than those who drive new vehicles.
  • Better resale potential: As trucks depreciate most in their first five years, used trucks hold their value better than new trucks do.

What To Look For in a Used Vehicle

While the large number of used trucks available is appealing, all those choices can be daunting. Looking for the following features can help shoppers find the best used truck for their needs:

  • Attractive features: A short or large bed depending on hauling needs, the right cab, and a drivetrain offering the right amount of power can all help shoppers make the best choice.
  • Low mileage:As a rule, the best used trucks have traveled less than 100,000 miles if they have a gas engine and less than 200,000 miles if they have diesel.
  • Competitive price: Comparing the advertised price to the Kelley Blue Book estimate can help shoppers identify a good deal.
  • Fuel economy: While fuel economy degrades over time, checking the original EPA estimates can help shoppers identify fuel-efficient used trucks.
  • Towing and payload capacity: People intending to haul or tow should make sure the truck has the capacity, including any relevant tow package, to meet their needs.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

For real peace of mind, consider a certified pre-owned vehicle rather than a standard used truck. Certified pre-owned vehicles are gently used vehicles available exclusively through car dealerships. Our certified pre-owned trucks are all less than six years old with less than 75,000 miles on the clock and clean titles. We perform a 172-point inspection and recondition these vehicles where necessary to make sure they’re mechanically sound for our customers. We also back all certified pre-owned vehicles with extended powertrain and bumper-to-bumper limited warranties.

Why Should You Choose Certified Pre-Owned?

Buying a certified pre-owned truck is a great way to get behind the wheel of a relatively new vehicle at a fraction of the cost of a brand-new pickup. As they’re also subject to rigorous inspections and supported by warranties, buyers needn’t worry about costly repair bills as they do when they buy many used vehicles. They can also drive with confidence, knowing that their recent used car purchase is safe and mechanically sound.

Questions You Should Ask About a Certified Used Vehicle

While our certified pre-owned vehicles are thoroughly inspected, it’s still smart to ask our sales representatives some questions about the trucks before taking them home. The following questions can help shoppers make an informed decision about a certified used vehicle:

Did the previous owners follow the maintenance schedule?

Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule is the best way to keep a truck in top condition and maximize its longevity. If a previous owner didn’t follow the maintenance schedule, the truck may need repairs sooner. We’ll happily share the truck’s maintenance records with any prospective buyers for their peace of mind.

Can I see the vehicle history report?

The vehicle history report provides a comprehensive summary of what’s happened to the truck before it arrived at the dealership. We’ll happily provide the history report to customers and encourage them to read it through carefully. They can also ask us any follow-up questions about concerns they have, such as minor accidents the truck’s been involved in or flood damage it sustained.

Who’s certifying the vehicle?

There are two types of certified pre-owned vehicles: dealer-certified pre-owned vehicles and manufacturer-certified pre-owned vehicles. We proudly offer manufacturer-certified pre-owned vehicles. That means these vehicles can get serviced under their warranty at any manufacturer-recognized service center around the country. The testing for manufacturer-certified pre-owned vehicles also tends to be more rigorous.

Dealer-certified pre-owned vehicles get assessed according to the criteria the individual sets. The warranties are also tied to the dealership, which can be inconvenient if the owners of these vehicles move away. Understanding the type of certification a dealership offers can help shoppers make a more informed decision.

Why have I noticed something unusual during my test drive?

As we thoroughly inspect our certified pre-owned trucks, we think most people will have a positive experience test-driving these vehicles. However, sometimes things don’t feel quite right for customers. We encourage our customers to ask about anything that seemed unusual to them during their test drive, such as strange sounds or movements. We’ll answer the question to the best of our ability to help them buy with confidence.

Can I return a certified pre-owned truck?

Some customers wonder what happens if they purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle and change their minds once they get it home. We think it’s important for customers to understand our returns policy before they commit. We’ll happily explain our vehicle exchange guidelines, including their limitations, to help customers feel more confident shopping with us.

You Can Count on Gerry Lane

If you’re looking for a used truck in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you can count on Gerry Lane. We treat our customers like VIPs and can offer you great deals on the highest quality used vehicles. Give us a call at 225-926-4600 with any questions about our current range of used trucks.


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