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Used Cars For Sale in Baton Rouge, LA

Drivers interested in buying a vehicle in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, usually have to first decide between buying new or used. Both options have advantages and drawbacks, so it’s important to do a little research before making a decision. This article by the team at Gerry Lane Chevrolet explores why buying a used vehicle from a local dealership can be the ideal choice.

Why Buy Used?

The most obvious reason for buying a used car is that they’re significantly less expensive than new ones. It’s estimated that a new car loses around 10% of its initial value the moment it’s driven off the lot. It then loses about 20% in the first year of ownership and a total of around 60% after five years. This means that a buyer can get a used car that’s only a few years old for half its original price. If the vehicle is in good condition and from a respected brand such as Chevrolet, that’s a pretty good deal.

Some other reasons why buying a used vehicle may be the right choice include:

  • Getting a better car for the same price: Used vehicles being less expensive means that a buyer can use the same budget to get a much better car. Even fans of a particular make and model can get a more powerful engine and better features within the same budget by buying used.
  • Doing Mother Nature a favor: Building a car from scratch involves sourcing the raw materials, processing them, and assembling them into the final product inside a factory. This means that a car produces more pollution when it’s being manufactured than throughout the rest of its lifetime, so buying used means that the respective car has already done most of its environmental damage.
  • Losing far less when selling it: Another benefit of avoiding a new car’s initial depreciation is that it won’t be selling for much less a few years later, as long as the owner keeps it in good condition. They won’t be getting all their money back, but the difference will likely be significantly smaller than if they were selling a new car after a few years.
  • Insuring it for less: Insurers also know that a used car is less expensive than a new one, meaning that it would cost less for them to reimburse the car’s owner if something happened to it. This means that the insurance rates will probably be lower than they would be for a new car.
  • Having more options to choose from: Drivers buying a new car are basically limited to what car manufacturers released in the past one or two years. They have more options when buying used, since there are more model years to choose from.
  • Knowing more about the car: There’s limited customer feedback on new vehicles, as people haven’t had the time to test their functionality and reliability. A model that’s been on the streets for a few years likely has plenty of customer reviews that reveal much more about how well it runs and how likely it is that it would stand the test of time.

Used Vs. Certified Pre-Owned

For those still undecided between buying new or used, there’s a third option to consider. A certified pre-owned vehicle is a used vehicle in a near-perfect condition that’s only sold by its manufacturer’s dealerships. This means that technicians that specialize in a specific brand inspect every technical aspect before certifying it. Undergoing this rigorous inspection and having an accident-free record allows the dealerships to offer certified pre-owned vehicle clients extended warranty on their purchases. This makes buying a certified pre-owned vehicle an ideal compromise between buying new and used.

Some perks of buying a certified pre-owned vehicle from Gerry Lane Chevrolet are:

It Must Meet Strict Quality Requirements

To get certified pre-owned status, each vehicle has to pass a detailed 172-point inspection. Our certified technicians check everything that may require repairing or replacing and make sure the respective vehicle meets the required standards. This separates regular pre-owned vehicles from certified pre-owned ones.

Only Vehicles Already in Good Condition Make the Cut

Although each vehicle is rigorously tested, they’re already in very good condition to begin with. There are strict standards regarding which cars are eligible to become certified pre-owned, and their full history is available to check out before buying. They’re also fairly recent, so they’re likely to be similar to the latest generation models. In other words, our customers can get a vehicle that’s almost new for a significantly reduced price.

They’re an Excellent Choice From a Financial Viewpoint

Certified pre-owned vehicles are likely to retain their value better than regular used vehicles. This means that if the owner ever decides to sell it, they’re likely to get a better price, as the buyer knows the vehicle’s history. Also, our customers looking for a certified pre-owned vehicle are likely to get financing at a lower interest rate than for a regular used vehicle.

Why Buy From Your Local Dealership?

Buying a vehicle from a dealership that’s close to home can be beneficial both now and in the future. Having the dealership nearby means that it’ll only take a few minutes to get there to make a purchase, even using public transportation or a taxi. Later on, when the time comes to take the car for regular maintenance operations, such as oil changes and brake checks, living close to the dealership means that it’ll also save time. Buying from a local dealership also means investing in the local economy, as the dealership creates many jobs and pays local taxes.

Visit Us for Your Next Vehicle

If you’ve decided that your next vehicle will be a used or certified pre-owned one, consider visiting Gerry Lane Chevrolet. Our extensive inventory at our dealership in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, features a wide variety of vehicle types, so you’ll likely find what you’re looking for. Contact us today  to schedule a visit or simply drop by, and our knowledgeable sales professionals will work with you to connect you with your ideal vehicle.



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